design by Peter Wirz

Pure theory takes shape – in the form of a flawlessly designed unit featuring a technically advanced interior. The visionary concept is apparent in the strikingly sensitive design of this incomparable stainless steel shower toilet, which boasts an intuitive control system. Thanks to its patented technology, this design takes the holistic approach – incorporating design, comfort and hygiene – to an entirely new level, and has been rewarded with the most prestigious design awards.



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Shower toilet rimless, wall-hung, with remote control, with seat and cover 820691

The Cleanet Riva shower toilet features an integrated, high-quality ceramic design and technically sophisticated, user-friendly solutions.

Laufen has successfully integrated all the technology in the closed ceramic body to create a classic aesthetic for beautiful bathroom interiors. The key feature of the premium toilet is its wide range of intuitive shower functions. The Cleanet Riva uses a clever operating concept on two levels: In everyday use, the shower toilet is operated by pushing or twisting the stainless steel rotary button at the side. The user can also select the basic or detailed settings using the touch screen remote control.

The Cleanet Riva is the only shower toilet to feature a multi-stage hygiene concept in which the whole water circulation system is also thermally cleaned at regular intervals. For easy cleaning of the toilet, the design is joint-free and the ceramic has been treated with dirt-repellent LCC. The seat and lid also feature a quick-release function. The Cleanet Riva flushes powerfully for a clean finish, making a flushing rim and tunnel unnecessary.

The most important features at a glance:
– Reduced and compact design like a normal toilet
– Closed ceramic body with concealed water and electric supply
– Hygienic and easy to clean thanks to rimless shape
– LCC ceramic surface refinement
– Intuitive operation with the rotary button or remote control
– Very strong yet gentle shower jet
– Extra power mode with 5.6l/min
– Softer lady shower with separate button
– Thorough cleaning of the nozzle before and after every use
– Exchangeable nozzle fully recessed behind a cover
– Automatic air purifier with active carbon filter
– LED night light with signaling function
– Different programmable user profiles
– Integrated self-cleaning functions with thermal cleaning and automated descaling
– Removable Duroplast seat and cover (wireless) with lowering system
– Low energy consumption

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“The Cleanet Riva was designed with a vision of pure simplicity at the forefront of our work. Consumers do not want an electronic toilet that looks like a machine. That is why we have made the Riva as slim and as elegant as possible, in the ceramic unibody design of a classic toilet. We deliberately kept its innovative technology in the background. Only the intuitive stainless steel rotary button hints at the superior comfort and hygiene of the toilet. As designers, we know of no other shower toilet that combines both function and design for such a high level of hygiene. Cleanliness has been considered in every aspect of the design.”